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Mathas Allister is an aged elf and long-time friend of Janik Martell.[2]

I find myself drawn to windows these days I don't know what it is—I can find endless amusement in just staring out, no matter what's on the other side.
— Mathas Allister[1]


Mathas claims to have been alive long before Janik was even born and that he even once met King Thalin in Thrane.[1]

Mathas accompanied Janik on his adventure into Mel-Aqat.[1]

After the expedition he went to live in Aundair, where he was spied on for three years by Kelas ir'Daran of the Royal Eyes of Aundair.[1]


He has grey hair and thin lips.[1]


He has an extensive knowledge of wines.[1]

His favorite restaurant is the Azure Gateway located in Sharn's Skyway district. He enjoys the Azure Gateway because of its food and because of its headwaiter, a half-elf wizard named Ravvan whom he befriended a few years ago.[1]


He met Maija Olarin when studying religion at the Pavilion of the Host. It was she who suggested to Janik that Mathas should join the expedition.[1]