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Dragonmarks Phiarlan and Thuranni

From top to bottom: the least, lesser, greater, and Siberys Marks of Shadows.

The Mark of Shadows is a dragonmark that grants various magical benefits that relate to divination and illusions.[1][2][3]


The oldest living dragonmark, the Mark of Shadow first appeared on Aerenal.[4]


The schism that occurred during the Last War between the older House Phiarlan and its offshoot rebel House Thuranni has caused the Mark of Shadow to develop within both groups. Both houses still use the marks and their non-magical skills for intelligence gathering, spying, and other covert activities while still pursuing mercantile wealth through entertainers and artisans of all kinds.[1]

House Phiarlan controls the mysterious Artisans Guild. Outwardly a group of entertainers and companions, they are in reality a vast spy web operating throughout Breland, Thrane, and Aundair. House Thuranni and their Shadow Network are based in the Lhazaar Principalities and stretch their influence into Karrnath, Droaam, and Q'barra, and even into the ranks of the Emerald Claw, at the behest of the fickle princes. Both houses also employ unmarked spies, disguised as dancers, musicians, and artists.[1]


One with the Mark of Shadow may be capable of the following spells, according to the extent of their mark.

Darkness, disguise self, or minor image once a day, and increased skill in gathering information;[1] or knock, masking shroud
Clairaudience/clairvoyance, shadow conjuration or scrying once a day[1]
Mislead, prying eyes, or shadow walk once a day[1]
Greater prying eyes or greater scrying once a day[5]

Alternatively, the bearer may learn rituals pertaining to deception and scrying, as well as knock, masking shroud, secret page, and shadow walk. In addition, the bearer may remain hidden or invisible when they make an attack and miss.[2]

Finally, otherwise, they may have good charisma, skill in performance or stealth, the minor illusion cantrip, and the ability to cast invisibility once per long rest. Spellcasters can learn a number of spells of illusion, darkness, or invisibility.[3]




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