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From top to bottom: the least, lesser, greater, and Siberys Marks of Finding.

The Mark of Finding is a dragonmark that grants those who bear it abilities related to locating people and objects.[1]


House Tharashk a family of humans and half-orcs who originated in the Shadow Marches, carry the Mark of Finding and control the Finders Guild. The guild employs all manners of investigators and law enforcement agents, as well as treasure and dragonshard hunters. Bounty hunters are also employeed by the guild and rumors hold that secret assassins are also on the pay roll for particularly hard-to-find enemies. Members of the house without dragonmarks are often mundane but highly skilled investigators as well as prospectors and guides.[1]


Identify or locate object once a day or know direction twice a day; greater skill in searching for hidden things.[1]
Helping hand or locate creature once a day[1]
Find the path once a day[1]
Discern location once a day[2]




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