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From top to bottom: the least, lesser, greater, and Siberys Marks of Detection.

The Mark of Detection is a dragonmark that grants those who bear it powers of detection and the ability to ferret out danger whether from an ambush or a cup of poisoned wine.[1]


The House Medani half-elves are the bearers of this mark. The house began as a mercantile organization and is one of the youngest of the dragonmarked houses. Despite the fact that they have still been in operation for many centuries, some of the older houses still view them as upstarts.[1]

The Warning Guild is well known for its personal protection services and anyone holding a meeting with less-than-trustworthy business partners would do well to spring for a member from the guild to attend. Members of the house who do not manifest the mark often serve as sentries and guards.[1]


Detect magic or detect poison twice a day; increased skill in spotting things hidden.[1]
Detect scrying or see invisibility once a day.[1]
True seeing once a day.[1]
Moment of prescience once a day.[2]



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