Mar'saval is one of three great ruins from the Age of Demons in the jungles of Q'barra. Sunk beneath the northern Basura Swamp, Mar'saval has become a holy site to many lizardfolk tribes.[1][2][3]

History[edit | edit source]

A map of Q'barra showing the location of Mar'saval.

Ten million years ago, Eberron entered the Age of Demons, a time when the powerful evil fiends known as the Overlords ruled. Khorvaire was controlled by these fiends, with their followers: the demons, rakshasas, and hags. However, the dragons of Argonnessen and the couatls of Xen'drik joined forces, and purged the world of the Overlords. Their citadels fell, some abandoned, and some with the fiends trapped within.

In the land now known as Q'barra, three major citadels of the fiends fell: Ka'rhashan, emptied of evil and now the home of the dragonborn; Haka'torvhak, home to the trapped fiend Masvirik and the corrupted dragon Rhashaak; and Mar'saval.

Once a great temple of brass and granite, Mar'saval sunk beneath the Basura Swamp.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Powerful enchantments prevent the water and silt from seeping into the citadel. Local lizardfolk tribes often leave tributes to their draconic gods at the sunken minarets of Mar'saval.[1]

There is one entrance to Mar'saval above water, and some say that one clan of lizardfolk has taken to living within Mar'saval,the Fallen Bones clan. However, rumors say that this clan has been corrupted by Mar'saval, and have devolved into feeble creatures.[1] They say that the Fallen Bones clan have allied with troglodytes living within the ruins.[1][3]

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