Making is a city of Cyre, once one of its major cities lying near the heart of the kingdom, and now a ruin in the dead center of the Mournland, in the middle of the Glass Plateau.[1][2][3][4]


Some theorize that the Mourning itself began in Making. On the Day of Mourning, 20 Olarune in 994 YK, it appears that something horrible happened within, nearby, or around the city, and from there it spread out to overwhelm and destroy the entire kingdom of Cyre.[5][6][3][4]

All around Making, the land of southern Cyre was hugely reshaped by the upwelling of the Glass Plateau, and weeks of earthquakes followed.[6][4] In 997 YK, the tremors of the Glass Plateau were repeated.[6]


The city is now surrounded by a flat tableland of obsidian and jagged glass.[2][3] Making, and everything atop the Glass Plateau, are completely inaccessible from the ground.[6] The Saerun Road once ran to Making, before it was cut by the plateau.[3]


It's been described as a dead city[2] with its ruins still rising above the flat expanse of the Glass Plateau.[3][4]


The ruins of Making are home to living spells and weird creatures.[3]


Making was the base of House Phiarlan until the Day of Mourning. Phiarlan's baron was conveniently absent from the city on that day, which prompts conspiracies about a connection with the catastrophe.[7]

It was also a stronghold of House Cannith.[4] Wild theories claim that Cannith maintained a secret facility deep beneath Making.[3][4]

Making is one proposed site for the base of operations of the Blades, those warforged who follow the Lord of Blades.[8]


Many believe it was at Making that the Mourning began.[5][6][3][4] They believe that the truth of it will be uncovered here too.[3][4]



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