Maija Olarin is a character featured in the novel In the Claws of the Tiger. She was a Cleric of the Sovereign Host and former wife to Janik Martell.
Sorry about this, Janik but when the opportunity for something bigger and better comes along, you need to take it.


Maija grew up in Breland alongside Dania ir'Vran though the two were in different social circles and didn't have a strong relationship. She met Mathas Allister when she was an acolyte at the Pavilion of the Host whilst he was studying religion. She later met Janik and the two married before Lord Kor requested Janik to assemble an expedition team to venture into Xen'drik. Maija suggested both Dania and Mathas as members. During the expedition she betrayed Janik and the others for Krael Kavarat handing him the Ramethene Sword.
Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.
After the betrayal she travelled back to Xen'drik with Krael and told him that a Emerald Claw agent had contacted her and persuaded her to join them. To prove her loyalty she was tasked to hand over a treasure. They then travelled to Korth via airship where Maija attempted to seduce Krael but failed. For a year she did the work of the Emerald Claw whilst in Karrnath and eventually informed Krael that her Emerald Claw contact had asked her to find the Tablet of Shummarak. The pair travelled around Khorvaire, returning to Xen'drik then going to Atur where they found the previous owner of the tablet. The previous owner was a shifter vampire named Havoc and upon meeting him Maija betrayed Krael by paralysing him and allowing Havoc to transform Krael into a vampire. After finding the tablet Maija teleported it away, betraying Havoc. Just then Dania ir'Vran and two of her allies attacked Havoc, Krael and Maija. Maija then killed one of Dania's allies, a Sentinel Marshal named Gered d'Deneith before fleeing and returning to Mel-Aqat. Maija is in fact being controlled by the spirit of the ramethene sword ever since she visited Mel-Aqat.
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