Lysse Lyrriman d'Sivis is a gnome of the Lyrriman clan of House Sivis. She has ruled the governing council of nine in House Sivis for nearly 90 years, under the title of doyenne. She is a master manipulator who began her training as a bard and now makes her home in Korranberg, though her influence reaches far wider. If a large enough number of viceroys stand against the head of the house they can be removed from power, the fact that Lysse has avoided this fate for the 90 years she has ruled is a testiment to her skills.[1][2] Doyenne d'Sivis has invested a large amount of money in a project called Tasker's Dream; a project initiated by Tasker Torralyn d'Sivis to decode the Draconic Prophecy.[3]

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