Lyran was one of the Firstborn: two half-elves that were the first to manifest the Mark of Storm. Along with Selavash, it is said that Lyran's mark was accompanied by visions of the gods Arawai and Kol Korran. Over the following decades, Lyran and Selavash traveled the length of Khorvaire, rallying the other half-elves and uniting them to become the Khoravar, or "Children of Khorvaire." It is from their bloodlines that House Lyrandar emerged.[1]


Some 2,600 years ago, masses of elves migrated from Aerenal to Khorvaire. Their intermingling with the human settlements of Khorvaire created the half-elves. Over the next 600 years, this population of half-elves grew, and became a nomadic culture, criss-crossing the continent. This all changed, however, some two-thousand years ago. Two half-elves, Lyran and Selavash, both from the region that is now Thrane, manifested the Mark of Storm. Lore says that the manifestations were accompanied by visions of two of the Sovereign Host: Arawai, goddess of fertility, and Kol Korran, god of wealth. The two gods promised Lyran and Selavash that the half-elves were the "true children of Khorvaire", and the two would the the first of a new house for their peoples, and that this house would experience power over both nature and commerce.

Lyran and Selavash soon began preaching their experiences, and over the next decade, they crossed the continent in search of followers. Both charismatic, the duo soon had a great following of half-elves, which they called the Khoravar, or "Children of Khorvaire." And soon enough, the vision of the Sovereigns proved true: from within the bloodlines of Lyran and Selavash, other half-elves began manifesting the Mark of Storm. Their followers called Lyran and Selavash the "Firstborn", and soon the followers themselves were called the "Children of Lyran", or Lyrandar.

As the dragonmarked houses became structured, the Children of Lyran began calling themselves House Lyrandar. As a house, they became known for their merchant fleets, as well as their abilities to control the weather to aid in farming and cultivation. Even after their death, many members of House Lyrandar believe that the spirits of the Firstborn guide the house through visions given to the house matriarch or patriarch.[1][2]

There is a cult within House Lyrandar, called the Storm Front, that believes that Lyran and Selavash did not die. Instead, they believe that the two Firstborn were transformed into ancient krakens. These same cult members believe that other House Lyrandar members can also become krakens if they are true. Some believe that the ancient kraken known as Zlortharkis is actually the Firstborn Lyran, who is watching our for House Lyrandar interests in the city of Stormreach.[1][3]


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