Lycanthropes are humanoid creatures affected with the curse of lycanthropy, which can force them to transform into a supernaturally powerful monstrous beast. In Eberron, they can change under any of twelve full moons, and can potentially transform around a dozen times/month. However, these creatures are currently very rare after the events of the Lycanthropic Inquisition. It is commonly believed that Shifters are descended from lycanthropes, although some shifters believe that the opposite is true. 

Lycanthrope SpeciesEdit


There are many theories on where lycanthropes came from, including manifest zones to Lamannia or being the creations of the daelkyr. However, their origins remain a mystery. 

Around 800 YK, the power of the lycanthropic curse began to grow, corrupting good and neutral lycanthropes and packs of evil lycanthropes began to spread across western Khorvaire. In response to this, the Church of the Silver Flame initiated the Lycanthropic Purge in 832 YK, particularly in what is currently Aundair and the Eldeen Reaches

Present DayEdit

Most Lycanthropes now reside on the plane of Lamannia, the Twilight Forest. 

Notable lycanthropes still on Khorvaire include the Dark Pack in Droaam

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