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Eye on Eberron:
Lost: The Shapeshifting Village
Publication Dungeon Magazine, issue #193
Date August 2011
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Type Backdrop
Author Keith Baker
Illustrator Adam Paquette
Pages 1-3
Edition 4th ed.
Series Eye on Eberron
Preceded by Kyrzin, the Prince of Slime
Followed by Daask

"The Misplaced Village" is a classic Brelish folktale that has retained its appeal for hundreds of years. The story opens in a town plagued by bandits and war. Into this troubled place wanders a sympathetic traveler, who offers to hide the community from its enemies. Beleaguered and desperate to survive, the villagers embrace his offer.

As the stranger weaves a mighty spell, one of the farmers remembers an ancient proverb: "Beware the gifts of the Traveler." He tries to stop the ritual, but he is too late. The Traveler is as good as his word: From that day to this, no enemy has found the village -- nor has anyone else.

The name of the village is lost to time, and most people refer to it simply as "Lost." According to the story, every misplaced thing is drawn to this mysterious destination; hence, when a child's toy goes missing, a Brelish mother might say, "At least it's bringing joy to Lost."

"The Misplaced Village" is a widely known tale in Breland, but only during the last decade has the truth behind the legend come to light.