Prince Lorrister is an aasimar, and one of the baron lords of the Lhazaar Principalities. Prince Lorrister commands the Heavenly Fleet, the smallest of the Lhazaar fleets. Unlike the other baronies, which rely on piracy, Prince Lorrister seeks to bring justice to the Lhazaar Sea.[1]


Though possessing the smallest of all the Lhazaar Principalities, Prince Lorrister seeks to bring law and justice to the long-untamed principalities. His so-called Heavenly Fleet serve as a beacon against evil. Though he has drawn scorn from others in the Principalities, many organizations outside them support his cause; Prince Lorrister counts on support from Thrane and the temple of Dol Arrah in Starilaskur, as well as a number of pirate benefactors who wish to remain secret.

While Prince Lorrister has clashed with a number of other baronies, it is the Cloudreavers he counts as his greatest enemy. The prince also seeks to rid the Lhazaar of the influence of the Blood of Vol, and has actively campaigned against the cult's activities.[1]

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Prince Lorrister is an aasimar, a planetouched humanoid with the blood of an outer-planar creature, most probably an angel or an archon. In addition to the abilities of other aasimars, Prince Lorrister possesses wings which allow him to fly.

While Lorrister may seem like an idealist, he is no fool. he is often pragmatic on achieving his goals. He will offer favors to those that seek it, but those that do are requested a favor in turn; usually to help the prince strike against one of his enemies.[1]

Kanon Edit

Prince Lorrister is an Irian Aasimar, touched by the power of hope and positive energy.[2]


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