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Livewood is a unique species of magical tree endemic to the island of Aerenal.[1]


The trunk of a livewood is quite hardy, exhibits a green coloration, and can be worked just like any mundane hardwood. Unlike normal trees, livewoods do not cease to be "alive" once felled, they simply stop growing and objects made from their hardwood continue to be "alive" as well. They have no greater awareness of their surroundings than any other tree.[1]

Beyond the trait that gives livewood its name, the magical nature of these trees and their wood is evident by them being uniquely affected by some plant-based spells. When plant growth is cast upon it, livewood will sprout small branches and leaves, but conversely the spell diminish plants has no effect on it. Blight will cause harm to a livewood as though it were a plant creature. Tree stride allows a caster to not only teleport between livewood trees, but to and from livewood objects if they are big enough. Finally, objects made of livewood can be animated by the animate plants spell.[1]



Some dryads on Aerenal make their homes within livewoods, rather than the oak trees they typically inhabit. Due to the magical nature of livewood trees, felling one that was the home of a dryad will neither kill the creature nor sever their dependence upon it. Rather, in such cases a dryad continues to make their home within the objects made from livewood.[1]


Like the other mystical trees on Aerenal, livewood is a major export of the island.[2] Its hardwood is used for a variety of wooden goods, including buildings, furniture, and ships.[1]


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