Lirra Brochann is the daughter of General Vaddon Brochann and Mafalda Brochann. She followed in her father's footsteps and joined the Karrnathi Army, graduating from the Rekkenmark Academy and rising to the rank of Captain. After the Last War, Lirra joined her father's command of the Outguard, a special squad stationed near the Karrnathi town of Geirrid. While there, Lirra found herself accidentially bonded to a symbiotic tentacle whip. [1]


Early HistoryEdit

Lirra Brochann was born of Vaddon Brochann and Mafalda Brochann, both proud citizens of Karrnath and members of the Karrnathi military. The two passed along their love to their children, Lirra and her brother Hallam. Lirra grew up listening to the victories of her father during the Last War, and got to know some of Vaddon's comdrades. This was especially true of Ksana, a half-elf cleric of the Sovereign Host who had not only joined Vaddon on many campaigns, but had often visited the Brochann home.

Lirra was a little girl when her mother, Mafalda was killed in battle, at the Battle of Jaythen's Pass. It was Ksana who acted as a surrogate mother, counseling Lirra through her grief. Ksana also later consoled Lirra when her brother Hallam was killed at the Siege of Thiago. Nevertheless, Lirra joined the Karrnathi military. She attended and graduated the fabled Rekkenmark Academy.[1]

Assigned to the OutguardEdit

Lirra was in her late twenties when the Last War ended. She joined her father's command at the Outguard, a small base of operations outside the wilderness town of Geirrid. Their goal was to guard Lirra's uncle, Elidyr, and assist his experiments. Elidyr, an artificer from Morgrave University, was heading up a project to bond symbionts to Karrnathi troopers. Elidyr was aided by Sinnoch, a dolgaunt trapped on Eberron since the Dalekyr War. While at the Outguard, Lirra would often lead hunts into the Nightwood, searching for symbionts for Elidyr's experiments. Sh also met Rhedyn, the nephew of Warlord Veit Bergerron, her father's commander.

While at the Outguard, Lirra and Rhedyn started a relationship. However, their relationship ended when Rhedyn volunteered for one of Elidyr's experiments: the bonding of a symbiotic shadow cloak to a subject. Until then, all symbiont bonding experiments were a failure. However, this time, Elidyr and Sinnoch succeeded. Rhedyn was now bonded to the shadow cloak. However, in the wake of the bonding, Rhedyn's personality changed, and he and Lirra separated.

Lirra served as a guard to Elidyr's second "successful" bonding experiment: this time, a young conscriptured soldier named Osten was to be bonded to a tentacle whip. The bonding was successful, however, the symbiont took control of Osten's mind. Osten severely hurt Lirra before being stopped by Vaddon and Rhedyn. Luckily, she only suffered some minor woulds and was patched up by Ksana.[1]

Becoming Lady RuinEdit

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