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The Library of Korranberg is a research library that is the largest repository of knowledge in Khorvaire. The library's buildings take up a quarter of the city of Korranberg in Zilargo, and is a source of gnomish pride for citizens of Zilargo and Korranberg.[2][3] In addition to being a research library, the Library of Korranberg also has eight colleges, each focused on a particular field of study, that attract students from across the continent.[2][1][4] The library continuously seeks to improve its resources, and so will fund expeditions aimed at broadening its collection of knowledge.[1]


The library of Korranberg was founded by Loremaster Dorius Alyre ir'Korran long before the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar.[1][4] Dorius was an adherent to the belief that the deities of the Sovereign Host were dragons who ascended to godhood, and created the library so that he himself might ascend to take the place of Aureon.[1] His family and the city-states of Zilargo supported his efforts, intrigued by the idea of having the greatest library in the world, and after Dorius's death they continued to grow and expand the library.[3][1] Zilargo's police force the Trust, originated as an oversight force for the library.[2]


The Library of Korranberg is run by a central council made up of the doyens of the eight colleges of the library. The head of the council is always an appointed member of the Korran family, currently held by Alina Alrene ir'Korran.[1][4] The eight colleges and their subjects are:

  • Aureon’s Holt (law and oratory)
  • Balinor’s Horn (natural sciences)
  • Blackdragon (alchemy)
  • Drystone (engineering)
  • Lyrris (art and literature)
  • Morridan (mathematics)
  • Soladas (history),
  • the Tabernacle (religion and philosophy)

While the administrations of these colleges collaborate to oversee the library, the colleges also have a fierce rivalry with each other in the academic, athletic, and arcane fields.[2][4]


The Library of Korranberg's main building is the massive library building in Korranberg. Information in the library is heavily protected by guards and magical wards, and housed in large archives and vaults that go deep underground.[2][1] Citizens of Korranberg are expected to dedicate at least 4 years of their life in service to the library. In return, they can attend the library's colleges free of charge.[1][4]

In addition to Korranberg, the Library also has outposts across Khorvaire and even in Stormreach to aid its research teams.[1][5]