In Korranberg, Zilargo's southeasternmost port city, there lies a library unlike any the world over. The Library of Korranberg is the single greatest repository of knowledge on the continent (and perhaps the globe). Although its primary purpose is to serve as resource to scholars and explorers alike, it does occasionaly fund expeditions.

History Edit

It was the gnome's unrivaled thirst for knowledge that gave rise to the Library of Korranberg. Loremaster Dorius Alyre ir'Korran became obsessed with the idea that the various dieties of the Sovereign Host were actually dragons that had ascended long ago. To prove his theory, Loremaster Dorius swore to amass so much knowledge and infiormation all in one place that he himself might ascend and take the Sovereign Lord Aureon's place in the pantheon. The Korran family invested large amounts of money and resources into the project; even those who did not believe Dorius were easily sold on the benefit of a massive collection of knowledge. The Library continued to grow even after Dorius's death.

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