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Lei d'Cannith is an artificer for a team of ex-Cyran soldiers turned adventurers.[1][2][3]


A dragonmark heir, Lei is the daughter of Aleisa and Talin d'Cannith.[1]

She is secretly in love with the team's leader, Daine and she also considers the group's warforged ranger, Pierce, her brother.[1][2][3]


In 994 YK, Lei was injured at Keldan Ridge in Cyre. Her troop was faced with an overwhelming force of unknown nationality. They were driven west into contested lands between Thrane and Breland, and because of this they escaped the Mourning. At the time, she was outside Cyre, just beyond the effects of the disaster and is one of the few people who actually saw the Mourning with her own eyes.[1][2]

In the aftermath, she and her parents were excoriated, with her parents' excoriation being post mortem.[1][2]


When she concentrated, time seemed to recede as her senses expanded. She could feel the layers of magic binding the myriad components of the warforged together, the mystical energies that gave the creature thought and motion. Since she was a child she had been taught to weave these webs, to create magical artifacts and bring life to the lifeless. She could also do the opposite, causing things to simply fell apart, collapsing a warforged into a heap of metal and stone.[1][2][3]


She is an adventuring companion of Daine, Pierce, and Jode Jorasco.[1][2][3]


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