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Legacy of Wolves by Marsheila Rockwell is an Eberron novel published in 2007 and illustrated by Michael Komarck. It is the third installment in The Inquisitives series. The story follows a group of heroes who wish to uncover a conspiracy regarding the Church of the Silver Flame and the persecution of shifters. The entire story is set within Thrane.

We are all forged in the fires of our past. Grisly murders shake the small city of Aruldusk. Both the Church and the Crown send in agents to investigate. But when the body count continues to rise, these rival factions will have to learn to work together to track down the killers—even if it means hunting a killer in the highest reaches of power.


Major characters
  • Andri Aeyliros: A human male paladin of the Silver Flame who wears a silver necklace with claws attached to the end.
  • Irulan Silverclaw: A female razorclaw shifter and daughter of the famous shifter Bennin Silverclaw. After her brother was wrongly arrested and charged with murder, she has set out to prove his innocence.
  • Zoden ir'Marktaros: A human male bard and the eldest child of the Marktaros family.
  • Greddark d'Kundarak: A male dwarf inquisitive.
Minor characters


Despite Irulan Silverclaw claiming she and her family are razorclaw shifters, they also state that their ancestors were werewolves. This is contradictory to established canon, as razorclaw shifters share ancestry with weretigers and longtooth shifters are the ones who share ancestry with werewolves.

A ghost weretiger makes an appearance in the novel.




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