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Last Chance is a small settlement and large inn of the same name in Xen'drik.[1][2]


It started as a large inn established as a joint venture between House Ghallanda and House Jorasco. Over time, a small-sufficient agricultural community has grown up around the inn.[1][2]


It provides adventurers and explorers with one "last chance" to get a good night's sleep and some healing before entering the untamed wilds of southern Xen'drik.[1] It's the only guild-sanctioned provider of healing accommodations to be found in the wilds.[2]

Alask d'Jorasco trades magical services and maintains a small supply of potions.[1]

Rain d'Orien of House Orien sometimes makes deliveries to Last Chance.[3]

Rumors & Legends[]

Many explorers are said to have come across Last Chance while in dire need or the edge of death. While Alask believes the Traveler's Curse brings them to his door, by the same token, the Curse also means some never get there.[1]




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