Lamannia the Twilight Forest is a realm of raw unbounded nature, filled with all sorts of plants, animals, and magical beasts. A number of lycanthropes who have made a new life for themselves on the plane after fleeing Eberron during the time of the Purge.[1]


Untouched by civilization, the plane of Lamannia is full of virgin forests, majestic mountains, rolling hills, steamy jungles, festering swamps, and all manner of terrain.[1]

Because of its connection to the forests and the lycanthropes, shifters have a special affinity to Lamannia. In fact, shifter Moonspeakers will often draw power from Lamannia.[2]


Manifest ZonesEdit

Effects on the Material PlaneEdit


Regions of unspoiled nature flourish in times when Lamannia is coterminous with the Material Plane. Animals breed more prolifically and plants grow more verdant.[1]


When Lamannia is remote nature diminishes. Cultivated crops grow poorly and animals produce small litters.[1]


  • In 832 YK, Jolan Sol, the Keeper of the Flame, decreed lycanthropy an irreversible curse of the soul. Thus began the Purge, where paladins of the Silver Flame hunted lycanthropes to death. During this purge, which lasted until 880 YK, lycanthropes sought out manifest zones to Lamannia in the Eldeen Reaches, where they found a new home.[10]


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