Lake Galifar is a freshwater body of water shared by the nations of Aundair, Breland and the Eldeen Reaches. While exact borders are hard to maintain on the open water of the lake most border disputes have been over the highly valued shoreline. Those disputes have recently been settled with an addendum to the Treaty of Thronehold demarking the shoreline laying within the boundaries west of the Silver River and extending to the Wynarn River to be the property of The Eldeen Reaches while the shoreline extending from east of the Wynarn and extending to the northmost edge of the Blackcap Mountains is the property of Aundair while the remainder, that being the shoreline south of the leading edge of the Blackcap Mountains and extending to the Silver River, is property of Breland. Brelish and Aundarian representatives protested the large amounts of shoreline given to the Eldeen Reaches but gave in at the concession of several open water treatises.

The lake is fed by natural underground springs as well as from rainwater flowing from the northern faces of the ever stormy Blackcaps and natural watershed and tributaries that empty into the lake. The lake itself empties into the Wynarn River on a northward current which carries its waters to the Eldeen Bay.

The waters of the lake often remain calm especially in the northeast portion where members of the Raincallers Guild in Passage maintain a perpetual climate of calm sunny skies. Fishing has become a large industry in the waters of the lake supporting several of the surrounding cities food surpluses. However the lake is mostly used for entertainment as sailboats and rowboats can often be seen around the lake. Wealthy nobles have also been known to pay the Windwrights Guild in Passage for a special type of vehicle that has been dubbed the Waverunner. These small wooden crafts feature a small bound water elemental which can be commanded to propel the craft at high speeds across the open water of the lake.

The waters of the lake are deep and it is unknown exactly what species might inhabit the dark waters that lie beneath what has yet been explored. Some claim they have seen merfolk, sahuagin and even the long, loping neck of an Elmasaur jutting out of the water. All of these claims have yet to be verified, however there is a small cabal of curious arcanist living in Arcanix who frequently make attempts to verify these claims.