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Kythri the Churning Chaos is the opposite of Daanvi. Highly morphic, the plane is a roiling mass of land, water, air, fire, magma, steam, and all other manner of elemental forces.[1]


Kythri is in a constant state of unrest, though some can keep a location from morphing by strength of will, if only for a short period of time. The gravity changes randomly in random directions.[1]


  • The most populous of the inhabitants of Kythri are the slaadi, and their cousins, the neraphim.[1][2][3]
  • Monstrous creatures that inhabit Kythri include the quaraphons and the various races of windblades.[1][4]
  • The immortal titans, who claim to be the progenitors of modern giants, reside in Kythri.[1][5][6]
  • Another race that call Kythri home are the githzerai. Though the githzerai were created by the daelkyr of Xoriat as a slave race, they fled their masters during the Daelkyr War, seeking safety on the plane of Kythri some 9,000 years ago.[1][2][7]
  • Storm elementals are found in Kythri, and are known to pass over to Eberron during coterminous periods.[8]
  • Creatures such as chaos beasts, chaos rocs, and howlers also originate from Kythri.[1][3]

Manifest Zones[]

  • There are many manifest zones to Kythri within the nation of Adar on the continent Sarlona, the largest of which is called Uutkleza.[3]
  • Kyrrilspire Mountain, inside the Blackcaps, is within a Kythri manifest zone. Because of this, the mountain changes shape each day.[9]
  • Manifest zones dot the Shadow Marches, where they are patrolled by the Gatekeepers to make sure no creatures come spilling out of the plane.[1]

Effects on the Material Plane[]


Kythri does not follow a set planar orbit but rather lurches through the Astral Plane at random intervals sometimes hurtling through space, sometimes slowing to a crawl. Because of this feature Kythri might be coterminous with the Material Plane for a day or a century and might be remote for only a few months before jumping back into touch with the Material Plane. Popular superstition link coterminous periods with eras of unrest and war. Many scholars believe Kythri was coterminous during the first decades of the Last War, but no firm evidence backs these claims.[1]


There does not appear to be any effect on Eberron when Kythri is remote.[1]


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