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Korunda Gate is both a city and an enclave located in the Ironroot Mountains in the Mror Holds. The city is owned and run by House Kundarak and has an estimated population of 19,500 to 20,000+. The actual gate itself is an entrance into the dwarven enclaves of the Mror Holds and the ruins of the ancient dwarvish empire.


Korunda Gate was once the center of Kundarak Hold, the lands belonging to Clan Kundarak before they were an established dragonmarked house. The gate was used to prevent outlawed clans from returning to the dwarf lands. Karrn the Conqueror subjugated the clans that Kundarak worked so hard to keep out before seizing control of the Mror Holds. Shortly after and with Kundarak's consent, Korunda Gate was reopened.

Before receiving its dragonmarked house status in 106 YK, Kundarak also used Korunda Gate as a mine though, on account of their dragonmarked status, they ceased all mining operations run by or involving Kundarak members. The majority of the mines were transformed into vaults.


Korunda Gate is House Kundarak's largest enclave and is even the home to Lord Morikkan d'Kundarak. The vaults below Korunda Gate are among the most secure vaults in Khorvaire and residing inside them are collections of treasure and money. Some of the vaults are used as armories and weapon arsenals that contain military wonders and magnificent examples of both mundane craftsmanship and magical potency. The vaults below also serve as a headquarters for Kundarak operations.


Korunda Gate has many high-security vaults and anyone looking to store anything from a small magical item to a whole airship can rest assured that Korunda Gate has am empty vault waiting for their payment.

Though mining operations have ceased in Korunda Gate, House Kundarak reserved the rights to lease out their ancestral territories of Kundarak Hold for mining. Due to the agreement, House Kundarak cannot actively be involved in the mining so instead they retain the rights to take a percentage in any earnings mined in the Kundarak Holds.



In the Eberron Campaign Guide p. 218 under Key Locations, for Korunda Gate it states that 20,000 dwarves live in Korunda Gate, which implies it has a population of at least 20,000. Contradicting this, in the exact same book, on p. 146 under Settlements and Features, Korunda Gate it stated to have a population of 19,500.