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A kolyarut is one of the inevitables whose purpose is to enforce the inevitability of punishment for breaking an oath or contract.[2][3] They are found on the plane of Daanvi, the Perfect Order.[1]


A kolyarut resembles a mechanical humanoid, wearing elaborate golden-hued banded-mail armor and a flowing red robe, and wielding a shining sword.[2][3][note 2] Its voice is flat and like the sound of a clockwork mechanism.[5]


These inevitables hunt down those who have broken their vows or agreements. They care little for people who broke their word inadvertently or unwillingly, and typically overlook minor deals and hastily made vows. Rather, they are dispatched to avenge significant betrayals, but afterward, while still on the Material Plane, they will pursue anyone who catches their attention willingly reneging on an oath, such as deserting soldiers and dishonest merchants.[2][3]

On starting a mission, a kolyarut does its research, learning all it can about the contract or vow and those making it. If a written contract or oath is involved, it often takes a copy with it for reference when hunting its target. They will study their target, getting a good understanding of their capabilities before engaging in battle. They will even go undercover with the aid of their disguise self spell if need be. They work alone.[2][3]


Kolyaruts are more garrulous than other inevitables, even making appropriate greetings and displaying good manners in a convincing way before getting straight to business.[2][3]


They are armed with +2 longswords.[2][3]


In addition to the common powers of inevitables, they have the power to drain the life force of their targets and heal themselves as with a vampiric touch spell and can shoot a black ray that saps it altogether as with enervation. They can also have magic similar to the spells discern lies, disguise self, hold person, invisibility, locate creature, and suggestion as often as it wished; hold monster and mark of justice once a day each; and even a geas/quest once a week. They are also skilled in information gathering, sensing deceit, and adopting disguises.[2][3]


A kolyarut prefers to use its disguise self or invisibility to get close to a target and make a surprise attack using its vampiric touch. It will not hesitate to use this on any allies to empower itself if necessary to achieve its goal. While it tries to finish a fight quickly and limit injury and chaos, it is less worried about the safety of innocent beings.[2][3]


While they're normally found on the plane of Daanvi,[1] they can appear anywhere when in pursuit of their quarry.[2] They can emerge from manifest zones to Daanvi, such as the aukarak reality storms of Sarlona's Tashana Tundra.[6]


Who is to be punished?
— A called kolyarut getting straight to business[5]

A great priest or mage may specifically summon a kolyarut via a call kolyarut spell, but only for a task in line with its duty.[7][5]


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  1. As lawful outsiders of Daani, inevitables inevitably speak Daanvi.
  2. This is based on the original description from Manual of the Planes, matching the artwork. The 3.5-edition Monster Manual instead says it has a golden robe and red skin, despite not having skin at all.

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