The Kingdom of Galifar encompassed the width and breadth of Khorvaire from 1 YK to 894 YK and the start of the Last War. The Kingdom of Galifar was named after Galifar I who united the Five Nations of Khorvaire together under one monarchy. The peoples of Khorvaire enjoyed peace and prosperity under a succession of monarchs for almost nine centuries. The Kingdom of Galifar fell apart when King Jarot died. The tradition established by prior monarchs was for the eldest child of the king to succeed him in power however three of Jarot's five children Thalin, Kaius, and Wroann rejected the appointment of Mishann. Thus began a century of conflict that only saw an end when the whole of Cyre was reduced to a wasteland now called The Mournland. When the Treaty of Thronehold was signed in 996 it officially recognized twelve nations and the Kingdom of Galifar officially ceased to exist.

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