Keslo d'Ghallanda is a male halfling and a viceroy of House Ghallanda. He has authority over Ghallanda Hall in Sharn. Keslo has the hardest job amongst the Ghallanda viceroys having to prevent the fugitives from fighting one another, which is difficult due to the sheer volume and close proximity they have to live in. This rise of fighting amongst the guests has dramatically risen since the end of the Last War. The Ghallandas have made it clear that any guest who assaults others will be immediately removed and Keslo has had to remove more guests in the last two years than in the previous twenty. Because Keslo has to negotiate with nearly every powerful group in Sharn, he has become one of the best connected people in the city. There is very little that Keslo doesn't know about in Sharn and anything he doesn't know, he'll learn of eventually. 

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