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Karnil was a dragonmarked member of House Cannith responsible for the creation of the first psiforged, Solus.[1]


From a very young age, Karnil was considered by others to be short, and he had to endure jokes about perhaps having halfling blood in his ancestry, though these were proven false when he displayed the Mark of Making on the back of his hand. Nevertheless, these constant jokes caused his face to be in a constant scowl well into adulthood and he considered himself to be of medium height.[1]


Karnil rose through the ranks of his house, eventually becoming a high-ranking member of the Fabricators Guild. During the Last War, he was put in charge of a project to research the means to produce the psiforged variation of the warforged, a task that led him to Mount Luster in the Hoarfrost Mountains on the border between the Lhazaar Principalities and the Mror Holds. Far away from prying eyes, Karnil became the overseer of a specialized Creation Forge as well as a trio of kalashtarBanain, Evalina, and Turi—who were the ones primarily responsible for the design and creation of the Forge, dubbed a psi-forge.[1]

After a great deal of time, Karnil and his compatriots considered the psi-forge ready for use and gathered various different materials together in the form of a humanoid, laying this construct on a table in the middle of the psi-forge's main chamber. Readying the machine to siphon the power of the mountain itself into this being, Karnil looked on with both pride and trepidation, hoping that the forge would prove successful in order that his house would be able to produce a new line of warriors the likes of which had never before been seen in Khorvaire.[1]

This experiment ultimately proved to be successful, bringing Solus to life. However, what none of the assembled team had considered was that this new psiforged would have all the power of a fully grown psionic but none of the control. Thus, the moment that Solus came to life, the full power of his psionic energy burst forth from his new body, killing Karnil and the kalashtar, but trapping their minds within Solus's body.[1]

Karnil's "memory-ghost", along with those of the kalashtar, was later drawn out of Solus by Galharath when the latter tried to defend himself from the halfling Hinto, initially asking Solus to surrender to him. Solus, refusing, was defended by Hinto and thus drew Karnil's attention to him. The memory-ghost, peering into Hinto's mind, saw his deepest fear—being trapped within the Mire—and so the group of memory-ghosts transformed into the Mire, hoping to defeat Hinto.[1]