Kaius ir'Wynarn I (?? - 910 YK)

Prince Kaius was the third child and second son of King Jarot ir'Wynarn. Unknown to almost everyone, his death in 910 YK was faked and he later took the identity of his great-grandson, Kaius ir'Wynarn III.


Prince Kaius became Governor-prince of Karrnath in 890 YK.

Prince Wrogar was the only child of King Jarot present when his father died in 894 YK. The king named his eldest daughter, Princess Mishann of Cyre, his heir and made his son swear to support her and preserve the nearly 900 year rule of precedence for succession of the crown.

Prince Kaius, not bound by any such oath, joined his siblings Prince Thalin of Thrane and Princess Wroann of Breland in refusing to accept Princess Mishaan as Queen of Galifar. Prince Kaius declared himself King of Karrnath in late 894 YK, soon after the start of what would come to be called the Last War.

During the Last War the residents of Karrnath were unable to support themselves with their own agriculture. With trade between the nations at a standstill, a terrible famine struck his nation. King Kaius was approached by members of the Blood of Vol who offered to help him and his people. While this deal brought much relief in the form of food, it also carried a heavy personal price. He was transformed into an undead creature - a vampire - in 897 YK by none other than Erandis Vol.

King Kaius never liked the alliance with the Blood of Vol, and in 910 YK relinquished the throne by faking his death in order to find a way to break the alliance. After over 80 years of working in secrecy, he returned to the throne under the guise of his descendant King Kaius III.

King Kaius has kept his true nature hidden from not only his country, but the world at large. While evil, King Kaius is one of the major proponents for peace in Khorvaire, possibly due to the fact that war has cost him so much in his life.

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