Javan Tomollan is a member of the City Council of Sharn, representing the Upper Central ward. He's one of Sharn's richest citizens.[1][2]


Javan made his money as a trade representative of House Lyrandar, but later separated from the house, and no longer has friendly contact with it.[1][2]


He is a shrewd and tough negotiator, but fair. Javan is of the view that dedication and effort ought to be rewarded.[1]

He focuses on advancing the interests of the Upper Central citizens, and has no concern for Lower Dura's poor.[1]


Fellow councilor Sorik Sensos is an obsessive rival of Javan, being envious of his wealth and success.[1]

The Aurum makes active efforts to recruit Javan for their Platinum Concord, but without success.[2]


He lives at the Tomollan Estate in the Mithral Tower, and is the most notable resident there.[2]



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