King Jarot ir'Wynarn (? - 894 YK)

King Jarot ir'Wynarn was the last ruler of the Kingdom of Galifar. His predecessor is not mentioned in the sourcebooks; the last king mentioned before him is King Daroon ir'Wynarn. Upon King Jarot's death, his five children disputed the right of succession and began the Last War, ultimately leading to the creation of fifteen nations on the continent of Khorvaire and the loss of the nation of Cyre in the Day of Mourning.


The last ruler of Galifar, King Jarot was driven to paranoia by dreams that troubled him of threats to his rule. Jarot suspected every power, both foreign and internal, of conspiring to overthrow his beloved kingdom. Everyone from the Dragonmarked Houses to the elves of Aerenal to the dragons of Argonnessen were plotting to depose him. Because of this paranoia he began secret military projects to reinforce the infrastructure of Galifar. These projects included the warforged and the floating fortresses in Breland. He also began a massive military buildup in each of the Five Nations.

Sadly, the conflict that King Jarot prepared for he would never see. When the king died, the crown should have passed to Princess Mishann of Cyre, his eldest daughter. Instead Prince Thalin, Prince Kaius and Princess Wroann rejected the appointment of their older sister. Though Prince Wrogar, King Jarot's fourth child and Governor-prince of the nation of Aundair supported his sister, it was not enough and soon the Five Nations used the armies King Jarot had amassed along with the new technologies to wage war against one another. This bloody conflict became known as The Last War thanks in part to the Korranberg Chronicle.

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It is possible that King Jarot's dreams may have been the result of the Quori.

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