Janik Martell is the protagonist of the novel In the Claws of the Tiger. He is a human scholar and is employed at Morgrave University. He is best known for his expedition into the Xen'drik ruin of Mel-Aqat where he discovered the Ramethene Sword. He wears studded leather armour and carries a shortsword.
Well, then an open, festering wound. He has never bandaged it or treated it-he's like an animal who keeps biting at a wound so it can't heal. Maija was his healer, caring for his body and soul. Without her, he doesn't know how to heal the wound in his heart.
  — Mathas Allister on Janik


Janik was born and grew up in Sharn and during the war he was a member of the Dark Lanterns. After meeting Maija Olarin she introduced him to Dania ir'Vran who became his best friend. He had feelings for Maija for a long time but only married her fifteen years ago around 984 YK. Not long after the marriage King Boranel's brother, Lord Kor asked him to assemble a team to go on an expedition to Xen'drik. He brought along Maija and Dania. Maija then suggested Mathas Allister whom then joined the expedition. Their marriage ended during the expedition when Maija betrayed the group and joined Krael Kavarat. Prior to this Janik had an affair with Dania. Janik owns an apartment near Morgrave University, he also has an office in the university.


Janik was once a follower of the Sovereign Host though became sceptical of all religions.


  • Janik's first published academic paper was about the giant ruins that surrounded Stormreach.
  • A report on Janik's expedition to Mel-Aqat was featured in an issue of the Sharn Inquisitive.
  • Janik can speak goblin and sahuagin.


A sahuagin named Shubdoolkra and business contact to Janik has difficulty pronouncing his name so instead calls him Janjan.

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