The Ironroot Mountains are a stretch of mountains in eastern Khorvaire, lying parallel to the Hoarfrost Mountains and along the western border of the Mror Holds. It is believed that the Ironroot Mountains have some of the richest mineral deposits in Khorvaire.[1]

The dwarves of the Mror Holds trade and mine in these mountains, but their operations tend to come under attack by the Jhorash'tar orc clans. Many clans of Jhorash'tar orcs live on the mountains, making it incredibly dangerous for wandering travelers and even more so for any dwarves.[1]

Krona Peak is located in the center of the mountains and acts as trade hub to the rest of the Mror Holds.[1]

Goliaths live around the peaks of the Hoarfrost and Ironroot Mountains, and occasionally have relations with the local dwarves.[2]

Geriviars wander in isolated valleys in the Ironroot Mountains and assault everyone they come across.[3]

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