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Irian, or the Eternal Dawn is a plane of positive energy. The plane is suffused with positive energy that sustains unusual—though not necessarily good-aligned—forms of life.[1]


A brilliant white sun hangs in a beautiful blue sky, while rivers of liquid glass flow down from mountains of quartz. Deserts made of pure white sand and forests of crystalline growth cover the landscape.[1]


  • Irian is the home of a humanoid race named the lumi, humanoid creatures seemingly composed of light.[1]
  • The lantern archons make Irian their home as well.[1]
  • Creatures such as the ravid fly across the plane of Irian.[1]
  • Irian is also home to the positive energons known as the xag-ya.[1]

Manifest Zones[]

  • There are many manifest zones to Irian on the island of Aerenal, which many believe is what sustains the Undying Court. The City of the Dead is built atop one such manifest zone.[1][2] Some also believe these manifest zones are what make Valenar riding horses so powerful.[3]
  • The small village of Shining Valley in Breland sits next to a manifest zone to Irian, bathing the village in a glow that heals wounds.[4]

Effects on the Material Plane[]

On Eberron, one can be brought back from death as either an undead or as a deathless. Those that are undead are said to have been infused with the essence of Mabar, while the deathless are infused with the powers of Irian. The Undying Court of Aerenal is composed of deathless imbued with energy from Irian.[1][5]

Irian or Irian manifest zones are also responsible for Irian crystals, which can empower healing spells.[1]


In the short period of time when Irian is coterminous with the Material Plane, life blossoms. Days are brighter, colors are vibrant and sensations are more intense. Positive energy spells are enhanced in these times, but the manifestations occur only for the hour surrounding noon. The plane is coterminous for ten days in the month of Eyre.[1]


When Irian is remote, night becomes darker, numbness hangs in the air and spells with positive energy are less powerful. These manifestations occur during the autumn month of Sypheros for ten days.[1]


See Also[]

  • Irian's Light


Keith Baker has suggested on his website that Irian is also a plane of hope, and that it encompasses the concept of beginnings.[6]


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