The Inspired are a race of beautiful humans from the continent of Sarlona that rule the Unity of Riedra.[1][2][3]

History Edit

The Inspired first appeared during the events of the Sundering to save the people of Sarlona from the terrors unleashed in the conflict, and were given the mantle of rulership by the various cultures that now make up the Unity of Riedra in gratitude.[3]

They are said to be descended from some mixing of human, elvish, and fiendish blood.[1][4]

Appearance & Personality Edit

The Inspired are Chosen vessels that have been possessed by a quori spirit. Ruling over the ever expanding nation of Riedra in Sarlona the Inspired have slowly begun expanding into Khorvaire, starting to make trips to its eastern shores.[1][2]

Chosen not currently inhabited by a quori are known simply as "empty vessels."[1][4][5]

Abilities Edit

The Inspired are powerful psions and may embed Siberys dragonshards into their bodies to enhance their innate psi-like abilities.[1]

Society Edit

The Inspired make up the highest echelon of Riedran society.[1][2]

The Chosen are the mortal apotheosis of the cycles of spiritual rebirth and growth known as the Path of Inspiration.[4] Followers of this faith believe the Chosen the mortal vessels for the il-altas, or great spirits, and that the Inspired will join their number on death.[3][4]

Lands Edit

Through their powers and the faith of the Path of Inspiration the Inspired rule the various cultures of humans, changelings, shifters, ogres, and oni of Riedra and much of the continent of Sarlona.[3]

Religion Edit

The quori of Dal Quor that puppet the Inspired view the Dreaming Dark as their god, with themselves as its immortal angels.[5]

References Edit

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