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Master Inquisitive by Steve Prescot

An Inquisitive is a private detective whom specializes in finding missing persons or those who don't want to be found though, inquisitives are not restricted to this line of work and will solve any mystery for the right price. The best inquisitves are believed to be members of House Tharashk's  Finders Guild who bear the Mark of Finding. Inquisitives are found all over Khorvaire but are prominently located in Sharn.

"If you're the amabassador, I'm the Lord of Blades. Now, how about the truth?"

-Creilath Movanek, half-elf master inquisitive.

Notable InquisitvesEdit

  • Kurt Karr'Aashta Creator and head of the Inquisitive agency Kurt Karr'Aashta's Investigations. This agency is located in Sharn, Deathsgate.
  • Sharanne Vederran Creator and head of the Inquisitive agency Sharanne Vederran's Investigative Services which is located in Warden Towers, Sharn.
  • Greddark d'Kundarak A professional dwarven inquisitive featured in the Legacy of Wolves novel.
  • Abraxis Wren is a  half-elf inquisitive who mainly operates in Sharn. He was created by author Paul Crilley and is featured in a number of his works.   
  • Kava Velderan A heir to House Tharashk and owner of the Globe Information Agency, the largest inquisitve agency in Sharn.

The Inquisitives seriesEdit

An entire novel series named The Inquisitives focuses on the life and work of inquisitives however, the definition of an inquisitive is challenged in the novels. In the second novel Night of the Long Shadows, the character Abraxis Wren claims he is an inquisitive simply because he wishes to uncover conspiracies. Contrary to the Eberron Campaign Guide's definition Wren doesn't have a mercenary attitude or even seeks out employers as a motive.

How to play an InquisitiveEdit

A paragraph on inquisitives can be found in the 4th edition Eberron Campaign Guide p.61 under the header Find Someone although an in depth explanation of Inquisitives' typical personalities and behaviours can be found in the 3.5 edition Player's Guide to Eberron on p.10.

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