This section covers the various inhabitants of Eberron, from the civilized races to the most savage of beasts.

Civilized RacesEdit

These races are generally accepted to have rights under the Treaty of Thronehold and the Galifar Code of Justice and in most regions won't be killed on sight, though that doesn't mean they have to be popular everywhere they go.

Monstrous Races Edit

These races are not generally accepted to have rights, but they are intelligent and form civilized communities on their own.

Outsiders Edit

These races inhabit a plane other than the Material Plane and typically form civilizations on their own, though they are not recognized as having rights on the Material Plane.

Civilized Races: Changeling | Drow | Dwarf | Elf | Gnome | Goblin | Half-Elf | Half-Orc | Halfling | Hobgoblin | Human | Kalashtar | Orc | Shifter | Warforged
Monstrous Races: Armand | Asherati | Bhuka | Doppelganger | Dragon | Dragonborn | Gnoll | Kobold | Lizardfolk | Medusa | Sahuagin | Shulassakar | Thri-kreen | Yuan-Ti
Outsiders: Aasimar | Angel | Archon | Daelkyr | Demon | Devil | Elemental | Genie | Githyanki | Githzerai | Inevitable | Mephit | Quori | Slaad | Tiefling

Other Races Edit