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In the Claws of the Tiger is a novel set in Eberron and was written by James Wyatt and published by Wizards of the Coast. It is the third instalment of The War-Torn series and was released in 2006. The cover was illustrated by Wayne Reynolds.

Mel Aqat, a ruined city, old when the ancestors of humanity were young...

Dhavibastha is a powerful demon imprisoned in the city, once worshiped as a tiger god by the giants of Xen'drik. Finding the ruins gave Janik Martell wealth and fame, but the last time he was there the woman he loved betrayed him and tried to kill him.

Now, the ancient evil is stirring again. Janik may be the only one who can stop it, but to do that he'll have to return to the one place he swore he'd never go again, to face his own demons, to place himself... in the Claws of the Tiger.

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Aldovo Darriens: Author of the Darriens Codex.
  • Avaen d'Lyrandar: Captain of the Lyrandar Dayspring
  • Bredan Omaar: Hobgoblin captain of the Silverknife
  • Captain Nashan: Captain of the Hope's Endeavour
  • Cavaan: The boatswain of the Silverknife
  • Eisha: First mate of the Lyrandar Dayspring
  • General Malestra: Emerald Claw officer
  • Gered d'Deneith: A Sentinel Marshal and once ally of Dania.
  • Haunderk: An Artificer who works for the Royal Eyes of Aundair
  • Havoc: A shifter vampire who once possessed the Tablet of Shummarak
  • Jaela Daran
  • Kelas ir'Daran: A member of the Royal Eyes of Aundair who has been surveying Mathas for three years
  • Kophran ir'Davik: An exorcist and friend of Dania's late father
  • Kushek'ka: The former baron of the sahuagin clan at Shargon's Teeth
  • Mudren Fain: A priest of the Emerald Claw
  • Pradam: An outfitter located in Sharn's Cliffside district
  • Shubdoolkra: A sahuagin who negotiates safe passage through Shargon's Teeth
  • Thurva: The Innkeeper of the Knife in the Dark
  • Tierese: A Emerald Claw assassin
  • Yadkoppo: The current baron of the sahuagin clan at Shargon's Teeth

Plot Synopsis[]

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Key Plot Devices[]

  • Mel-Aqat: An ancient ruin located in Xen'drik. It was the destination for Janik's expedition.
  • Ramethene Sword: A magic weapon found in Mel-Aqat. It is the weapon that Maija handed to Krael.
  • Tablet of Shummarak: A tablet about the couatls.
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