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Ikar's Salvage is a company of professional scavengers and the largest active in the Mournland. It is led by Ikar the Black.[1]


Working to find and sell things of value in the Mournland, Ikar holds open-ended contracts with Prince Oargev ir'Wynarn of New Cyre, the government of Karrnath, and the Order of the Emerald Claw (his true masters, to whom he sold the best pickings).[1]

Maintaining a mobile base of operations, they mostly roam the Cyre River's western shore, but they will cross the river via barge and even drive elemental land carts over the wasteland. They make frequent expeditions into the Mournland, focusing their efforts on the ruins of Metrol and its environs.[1][2]


The company number around a dozen members. Though they are capable and act professional, they are ruthless and murderous, being composed of former rowdy outlaws who gave up banditry on the trade roads of Khorvaire.[1]


In 998 YK, Ikar's Salvage had a run-in with a living fireball spell and four were slain. While recovering, Ikar seeks to audition replacements.[1]