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Hruitt (or Hruit[2]) is a giant owl who represents the Middle Dura ward of Sharn on the City Council.[2][1]


Once known to be a shifter druid with a peculiar affinity for owls,[2] Hruitt once flew in the Race of Eight Winds to represent the Bazaar of Dura, competing as a rider on a giant owl,[2][1] before apparently being revealed to be the owl himself.[speculation]

He now negotiates on behalf of the Bazaar and Middle Dura as a whole on Sharn's Council.[2][1]


On the Council, Hruitt works for the benefit of Middle Dura and the merchants of the Bazaar, looking after their interests. In this, he regularly comes into conflict with Ilyra Boromar, representative of Lower Dura, and by extension the Boromar Clan and their allies, as well as the councilors representing other market wards of Sharn.[2][1]


Hruitt has all the skills and powers of a druid and Sharn skymage, and was talented in aerial combat and fighting with a falchion.[2] Hruitt is a skilled negotiator.[1]

He can assume human form.[1][note 1]


In humanoid form, Hruitt fights with magical falchion and wears magical hide armor. He has a number of potions and a feather fall talisman.[2]


He has an animal companion in the form of an owl named Feritis.[2]



In 3.5-edition Sharn: City of Towers, Hruit (one 't') was a shifter druid. Subsequently in the novel The City of Towers and 5th-edition's Rising from the Last War, Hruitt (two 't's) is stated to be a giant owl. According to Keith Baker on Discord, this was the original vision of the character.[3] Hence, this article treats this as a retcon and attempts to marry the two versions.


  1. Given the change of Hruit's race from shifter to giant owl, it might be considered that Hruit can also take the form of a shifter.



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