Coat of arms of House Vadalis

House Vadalis is a human dragonmarked house that operates throughout Khorvaire. Their headquarters are at Foalswood in the Eldeen Reaches, where the Mark of Handling originally appeared about 2,000 years ago. The house's most significant trade is in the breeding and training of animals.

Notable House Members[edit | edit source]

Baron Dalin d'Vadalis is a male human and the current leader of Vadalis.

Sasik d'Vadalis is Dalin's brother and consort to Queen Aurala of Aundair.

Mazina d'Vadalis is a female human and the chief magebreeder in the house.

Dragonmark[edit | edit source]

Brelish soldiers of the Ninth Brigade proudly ride bears bred and trained by House Vadalis

House Vadalis possesses the Mark of Handling. This mark grants various magical benefits related to calming and controlling animals. Vadalis has turned this into a booming trade in magebred animals. Everything from mounts, to guards to pets can be bought from Vadalis stables. In addition to its animal husbandry Vadalis stables are among the best in Khorvaire, and the house also provides lines of communication to outposts too small to feature a House Sivis enclave.

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