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House Tharashk is a human and half-orc dragonmarked house that has recently begun spreading throughout Khorvaire, though it is still heavily based in the Shadow Marches. The house is the second youngest of the Dragonmarked houses. Its members are renowned prospectors, bounty hunters, and inquisitives. Tharashk is the only house to hire monstrous laborers and mercenaries from Droaam, with whom they have an alliance.[1][2]

We are hunters in a world of tribex.
— Kalaash'arrna, Tharashk inquisitive[3]


House Tharashk possesses the Mark of Finding. This mark grants various magical benefits related to locating people and objects which in turn has led to their fame for bounty hunting.[4]


A half-orc with the Mark of Finding upon him.

Around 1000 years ago, the Mark of Finding made its first appearance on members of three Shadow Marches clans: the Torrns, the Velderans, and the Aashtas. Word of master huntsmen from the Shadow Marches who possessed an unknown dragonmark soon spread throughout Khorvaire. In the late 600s YK, a group of House Sivis gnomes decided to go in search of this dragonmark and upon discovering the three clans they helped them form House Tharashk.[2][3]

Though new to the civilized world of the Five Nations and the rest of Khorvaire, Tharashk found its purpose relatively fast and adapted well. However, being master hunters wasn't enough to survive in this new world so upon learning of the high demand and value of dragonshards, Tharashk decided to compete in trade and business. The dragonshard trade not only helped Tharashk earn its place in Khorvaire but created its wealth and influence. Despite this, there are many who distrust House Tharashk, calling them "graybloods".[2][3]

Last War[]

When the Last War began, Tharashk had little interest and involvement, and the combatants had no need of them. The war had no effect on Tharashk's trade as this was limited to the wilds and Shadow Marches. The only times Tharashk was called upon was for search and rescue missions, which felt more like a charity than business.[2]

The war finally came to Tharashk in its later stages, though not in any way they expected. The war led to the rise of Droaam as a nation and House Tharashk took advantage of this by negotiating trade deals and eventually an alliance.[1][2]


The word "Tharashk" is Orc for "united".[3]


House Tharashk is governed by the Triumvirate, a council of only three members. Each is a representative from the three major clans. The current three triumvirs are Daric d'Velderan, Khundar'aashta, and Maagrim Torrn d'Tharashk.[4]

Tharashk Clans[]

Unlike other dragonmarked houses, Tharashk's clans are incredibly important and they are not as united as their peers. It is uncommon for a Tharashk house member to refer to themselves as "d'Tharashk" and the use of their clan name is more prominent. The three main clans are Aashta, Torrn and Velderan, though these aren't the only clans that make up Tharashk, smaller clans tend to be aligned with one of them. Although the clans do their best to work together for the sake of the house, heirs often put the interests of their clan before the house, which has led to many feuds.[2][4]

A warrior of House Tharashk.


Family ties are important to those in House Tharashk, so the only way to become a member is through marriage. Though the house is a union of orc and Shadow Marches human cultures, the house accepts anyone regardless of race, so long as they share their values. The house also takes in those who have no dragonmark and use them in the mercantile fields. Heirs of House Tharashk live hard lives and are encouraged to practice a wide range of skills. Experts, rangers, and rogues are most common throughout the house, though Tharashk has a use for most classes such as fighters, scouts, and barbarians. Even aristocrats can be found serving as mediators for mercenary contracts in the cities. The house doesn't attract many wizards or artificers, although a tradition of sorcery runs through the clans. There are rumors of warlocks within the Aashta clan who are followers of the Dragon Below. Druids who follow the Gatekeepers work for the house by working alongside prospectors to protect and restore the land.[citation needed]

While all members of House Tharashk are humans and half-orcs, not all members carry the Mark of Finding. House Tharashk is the only dragonmarked house that contains multiple races. All blood heirs of House Tharashk are entitled to use d'Tharashk as a surname, or to add the d' prefix to their clan name.[citation needed]



House Tharashk act as a proxy business for the Daughters of Sora Kell by negotiating trade with the rest of Khorvaire for them. Anyone wanting to contract the monster laborers or mercenaries of Droaam must go through Tharashk. House Deneith are in direct competition with Tharashk as they wish to wrestle the monster mercenaries out of their control. Though neither house admits to open conflict with each other, sabotage and secret operations occur often. House Tharashk makes a large amount of profit through prospecting and the sale of dragonshards. Additionally, many House Tharashk heirs become professional inquisitives and can be hired.[citation needed]

Droaam Contracts[]

House Tharashk contracts monster races from Droaam to either be mercenaries or laborers. Contracted monsters are first evaluated to make sure they are able to communicate and be nonviolent towards other humanoids. They are then licensed and monitored by the Dragonne's Roar. Gnolls, ogres, and minotaurs are fielded as mercenaries or laborers, while gargoyles and harpies are used as couriers, scouts, and messengers. As a rule, House Tharashk only contracts monsters to clients with good credentials such as dragonmarked heirs. Mercenaries are more expensive than laborers as laborers will only fight when their own life is threatened. Services are restricted to one location such as a city, contracted monsters cannot be taken on journeys. The house makes profit through volume so monsters are often contracted in groups larger than twenty and for at least a month's work paid in advance.[citation needed]


Overall the people of Khorvaire feel indifferent to members of House Tharashk, though many believe them to be provincial and uncivilized. Many find the presence of contracted monsters unsettling, especially outside large communities.[citation needed]

Other Houses[]

  • House Cannith: House Tharashk dislikes House Cannith for their dominance over the dragonmarked houses. Members of Tharashk sometimes refer to members of House Cannith as Cannith dandies.[citation needed]
  • House Deneith: House Tharashk are openly resentful of House Deneith's self-styled military superiority. House Tharashk are in competition with House Deneith as both focus on the contracting of mercenaries. Tharashk members sometimes refer to their rivals as Toothless Deneith lords.[citation needed]
  • House Lyrandar: House Tharashk regularly contracts bodyguards and mercenaries to House Lyrandar and so Lyrandar agents are often friendly towards their Tharashk counterparts.[citation needed]
  • House Thuranni: Houses Thuranni and Tharashk both share ambition and influence in Droaam. Members of House Thuranni are friendly towards members of Tharahsk.[citation needed]


  • Cults of the Dragon Below: House Tharashk traces its roots to the Shadow Marches and shares the beliefs of many of its inhabitants. Many Aashtar clan members cling to these old ways and, although they aren't usually dangerous, can be disturbing for outsiders. Some members wish to use the House's resources in service of dark forces from the world below.[citation needed]
  • The Gatekeepers: Though some members of House Tharashk follow the Cults of the Dragon Below, others choose to adhere to the teachings of the Gatekeeper druids. Many of those that do follow these beliefs are Torrn clan members.[citation needed]

Key Locations[]

Zarash'ak, the City of Stilts.

  • Zarash'ak: The largest city in the Shadow Marches and home of the Tharashk Triumvirate, it is Tharashk's seat of power.[citation needed]
  • Graywall: A large settlement on the outskirts of Droaam. Though it is not run by House Tharashk, it is of much importance to them as they recruit their monstrous mercenaries and laborers from here.[citation needed]

Guilds & Organizations[]

House Tharashk contains the Finders Guild, though anyone working for the guild is not immediately considered a member of House Tharashk.

Notable Members[]





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