House Tarkanan is a criminal organization based in Sharn consisting mostly of bearers of aberrant dragonmarks. The House takes its name from Lord Halas Tarkanan who, along with the Lady of the Plague, raised up those with aberrant dragonmarks to challenge the dragonmarked houses during the War of the Mark[1][2].

Tarkanan nonetheless has a reputation for assassination, thievery and other unlawful deeds.

History[edit | edit source]

Past Influence[edit | edit source]

An assassin of House Tarkanan.

Though House Tarkanan was only founded in the last decade, The War of the Mark played an important influence on House Tarkanan's formation and ideology. The war began almost 1500 years ago, when the established dragonmarked houses launched an inquisition to exterminate those who carried an aberrant mark. Those who had aberrant marks were not united were desperate for leaders. Several rose to the challenge including Halas Tarkanan, also known as the Earthshaker. Eventually Tarkanan took refuge in Dorasharn (modern day Sharn) with his army and consort, the Lady of the Plague[3].

Though Tarkanan and his army resisted, it was clear that the combined forces of the dragonmarked houses were far too overwhelming and the resistance would in the end be wiped out. Eventually Halas and the Lady of Plague unleashed a curse which brought catastrophic earthquakes and summoned hordes of vermin from the depths. The curse destroyed Dorasharn along with Halas and his forces, ending the resistance[2][3].

Founding[edit | edit source]

During the Last War, the King's Dark Lanterns of Breland formed a squad of covert operatives with aberrant dragonmarks. These individuals were considered expendable by Breland, and sent on suicidal black ops missions during the War. Eventually, the survivors of this team was fed and went rogue, fleeing to Sharn, and formed a criminal organization known as House Tarkanan in 990 YK, led by Thora Tavin, known as Thora Tarkanan to other members of the organization. House Tarkanan's current objective is to search for those who have aberrant marks, recruit them and train them to use their powers[1].

A member of House Tarkanan manifests his aberrant dragonmark, much to the horror of a hapless guard

Notable Members[edit | edit source]

Affiliates[edit | edit source]

  • Rotting Bal
  • Zae

Business[edit | edit source]

When House Tarkanan first established itself in Sharn, the Boromar Clan attempted to assimilate them, but the offer was turned down. This resulted in the Boromars attempting to destroy the House. When this proved too difficult a deal was struck. Since the Boromar clan doesn't traffic in assassinations, it was agreed that so long as House Tarkanan doesn't take contracts against the Boromars, they would be permitted to stay in Sharn without paying a fee.

House Tarkanan Soldier.png

Many of those who joined House Tarkanan are thieves or killers and those who are not are trained to become one. The House provides services for assassination along with burglary and pick pocketing. A client only needs to approach the House and provide enough information on what they want stolen or who they want killed and a fee is calculated there and then. Assassination falls into two categories: assassination and manslaughter. Assassination is more complex and the method, date, time and the condition of the corpse can be specified, whereas manslaughter is a cheaper option as the House will send a hitman to kill the target at whatever time, location and with whatever method they find easiest.

House Tarkanan does not accept contracts that target high-ranking members of any major criminal organizations in Sharn such as the Boromar clan, Daask or the Tyrants. If the assassin is killed attempting the contract, then the House will send a second assassin or will cancel the contract and refund half of the fee if they believe it to be unachievable.

House Tarkanan also offers a special service called assassination of the soul, in which they use their single +1 Keeper's Fang Dagger to kill the target. The dagger traps the target's soul in the domain of the keeper and thus they cannot be raised or resurrected. This service costs twice that of a normal assassination.[4]

Joining House Tarkanan[edit | edit source]

House Tarkanan accepts anyone who has an aberrant dragonmark. Those who join will either be placed into the business side of the House or the assassination and theft side. The business side deals with general administration such as contracts and accounting.

Senior assassins and thieves are given the title baron whilst junior members are known as lords or ladies.

Key Locations[edit | edit source]

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Individuals from House Tarkanan were given mechanical statistics in multiple editions. House Tarkanan also appears as an alternate example of a Criminal Organization Group Patron in Rising from the Last War.

3.5 Edition

4th Edition

5th Edition

Differences in Editions[edit | edit source]

Despite not being an official Dragonmarked House, House Tarkanan is occasionally referenced alongside them in various sourcebooks from 3.5 and 4th editions[4][2].

In the 4th edition Eberron Campaign Guide, Thora Tavin is said to no longer run the organization, instead having relinquished leadership to an individual known as the Son of Khyber[2]. This development is based off of the novel of the same name by Keith Baker. This was a change from the 3.5 edition, where Thora Tavin was head of the House. Subsequently, 5th edition's Rising from the Last War returned to having Thora Tavin being in charge of House Tarkanan[1].

Similarly, the Eberron Campaign Guide lists the founding of House Tarkanan as 990 YK, while Sharn, City of Towers and Rising from the List War both have House Tarkanan being established in Sharn "six years ago"[1][2][4].

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References[edit | edit source]

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