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House Orien is a human dragonmarked house found throughout Khorvaire, with its major enclave located in Passage, Aundair. The house specializes in courier services and land-based transport. Although House Cannith invented the lightning rail, House Orien are the ones who operate and manage it.

I specialize in fast, efficient delivery. I don't want or need to be told what I'm carrying—the fact that you've paid is all I need to know.
— Rikard d'Orien, Couriers Guild[1]


A human heir of House Orien with a dragonmark on her stomach.

House Orien possesses the Mark of Passage. This dragonmark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to control travel and teleportation.


The Mark of Passage first appeared in Aundair around the year −1900. Most of the humans who developed the dragonmark were experienced travelers and teamsters who soon formed a group when learning of their common bond. During these early years, the marked humans competed against each other however, but they soon united when they realized what they could accomplish together. The newly established House Orien immediately began putting their efforts into the caravan business, delivering goods across Khorvaire. During these times the roads were quite dangerous so Orien set out to secure safe passage for their vehicles by exercising their diplomatic powers and pure magical ability. As the house prospered, Orien invested in the development of new roads and upgrading the old ones. In the days before the House Sivis speaking stone network, House Orien ran a postal system that was used across the Five Nations.

In 811 YK, the first lightning rail was constructed by House Cannith and the elemental binders of Zilargo. This technology revolutionized transportation and so it was only a matter of time before Orien involved itself with the business. Orien began to manage the lighting rail and soon was in control of where the lightning rails spread. Orien commissioned for a group to be formed known as the Trailblazers, whose objective is to explore new routes for the rail to travel and lay the conductor stones for the rail to follow.

The Last War[]

The war adversely effected House Orien as bridges and rail tracks were often destroyed in order to slow down enemy advancements. To make matters worse, House Lyrandar began running the airship business toward the end of the war. House Orien's dominance over the field of transportation has never been so unsure. In an effort to regain control, the house has begun to focus on its teleportation business, though teleportation remains expensive.


House Orien has a large stake in the transportation business and a dominance over the postal business. It separates these two businesses into two guilds: the Couriers Guild and the Transportation Guild. The Couriers Guild hires independent messengers and couriers to deliver letters and small parcels, whilst the Transportation Guild prepares goods for shipment, runs the lightning rail, and maintains trade roads. The transportation guild is the largest dragonmarked guild and has tens of thousands of employees.

It is rare for one to hire an Orien caravan to travel to a location of their choice as the price is often too steep. It is far more common to find travelers paying a fee in order to accompany a caravan along its set route throughout a city or to a nearby settlement. House Orien often waves the fare for adventurers so long as they offer their services to protect the caravan. The house also runs a teleportation business, though due to its high fees it has yet to become a mainstream form of transportation.


A House Orien half-orc shaman scouts the way for an Orien caravan.

House Orien is a cosmopolitan organization and has by far the most diverse membership. Though it is a human dragonmarked house, many half-elves and half-orcs are members and even a few elves, changelings, and shifters have married into the line. House Orien encourages its heirs to have numerous children and even accepts those born out of wedlock as fully fledged scions to the house, a practice that is rare for a dragonmarked house. Though non-humans within the house have no dragonmark to pass onto their offspring, they and their children have a home and future within the house. House Orien prefers that its members focus on skills and talents useful in day-to-day labor, or ones that enhance the powers granted by their dragonmarks. To that end, members of House Orien often become artificers, bards, fighters, magewrights, or wizards.

Key Locations[]


A House Orien caravan travels to Xandrar.

Notable Members[]

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It is stated in the Eberron Campaign Guide that eladrin (a playable race in 4th edition) have also married into House Orien.




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