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Hobgoblins are a race of goblinoids who, along with goblins and bugbears, originated in Khorvaire.[4] They are called the ghaal'dar, or "mighty people", in their own tongue.[citation needed] They are a clever, strong, and disciplined race with perhaps a tendency to cruelty. Their intelligence and strength, as well as their organizational skills, make them the natural leaders of the goblinoid races.[citation needed]

The hobgoblins of Eberron have a keen artistic and crafting sense and are expert stonemasons and weapon and armorsmiths, with the Dhakaani superior in skill to House Cannith.[4] The hobgoblins are also excellent miners and their byeshk mines during the height of the Dhakaani Empire made it possible to make weapons capable of holding back the armies of Xoriat.[5]


Goblin Kingdoms[]

The first goblin kingdoms appeared on Khorvaire about 38,000 years ago, at the beginning of the Age of Monsters, in what is now Breland and Darguun. Other goblin kingdoms followed suit in eastern Khorvaire. These goblin kingdoms competed with each other and with orc nations for thousands of years.[6][7]

Dhakaani Empire[]

About 16,000 years ago, the clans of the Dhakaani tribe consolidated the goblin kingdoms to form the Dhakaani Empire, which lasted for over 10,000 years. At its height, the empire stretched from the Shadow Marches in the west to the Ironroot and Endworld mountain ranges in the east.[6] The empire's size and lifespan easily made it the greatest goblin empire, and possibly contending with or exceeding Riedra and the giant kingdoms of Xen'drik in terms of sheer geographical size. It was an empire of great arts, particularly in architecture and metalworking, for which the goblinoids had a natural inclination.[citation needed]

About 10,000 years ago, the Tairnadal elves settled Khorvaire around modern-day Valenar. After a short period of peace they came into conflict with the Dhakaani empire. Despite excellent tactics and strategy from the elves, Dhakaani's numbers forced the Tairnadal to retreat back to Aerenal.[6]

The Dhakaani Empire's fall began when the daelkyr invaded Eberron from Xoriat, the Plane of Madness, 9,000 years ago. The hobgoblins fought the invaders for thousands of years in the Daelkyr War, but at great cost to themselves and their empire. After the daelkyr were defeated, the Dhakaani Empire began to slowly collapse into civil war, finally collapsing completely about 5,000 years ago.[6][7]


After the fall of the Dhakaani Empire, two distinct cultures of hobgoblins remained. The main culture is the Ghaal'dar, goblinoid tribes, hobgoblin-led, that formed after the collapse of their empire. These tribes were disunited, fighting amongst themselves, the gnomes of Zilargo, and the humans of Galifar.[4]

The other cultural group is the Heirs of Dhakaan, a group of goblinoids who retreated into vaults to avoid the daelkyr corruption and to preserve their civilization. Much smaller in number than the Ghaal'dar, the remaining Dhakaani hobgoblins are primarily strategists and commanders, remaining in the shadows until the time to reconquer Khorvaire comes.[4]

In 878 YK, House Deneith led an expedition into the Seawall Mountains, recruiting hobgoblin warriors as mercenaries.[8]

The Last War[]

During the Last War, House Deneith's hobgoblin mercenaries were in high demand by the Five Nations and tens of thousands of goblinoids left the mountains to fight in the war. In 969 YK, the hobgoblin mercenary captain Haruuc united the hobgoblin mercenaries in a revolt against Cyre to establish the nation of Darguun. Darguun would continue to clash with the armies of Breland and Cyre, but at the war's end, Darguun was recognized as a sovereign nation by the Treaty of Thronehold in 996 YK.[8]

Notable Hobgoblins[]

Hobgoblin Tribes[]

Hobgoblin Artifacts[]

  • Breastplate of Kamvuul Norek[12]
  • Hillcrusher [13]
  • Ghaal'duur, the Mighty Dirge[12]
  • Resplendent Armor of Dhakaan[12]


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