The hobgoblins of Eberron originated in Khorvaire. They are called the ghaal'dar, or "mighty people", in their own tongue. They are a clever, strong and disciplined race with perhaps a tendency to cruelty. Their intelligence and strength, as well as their organizational skills make them the natural leaders of the goblinoid races.

The hobgoblins of Eberron have a keen artistic and crafting sense and are expert stonemasons and weapon and armorsmiths, with the Dhakaani rivaling even the dwarf clans of the Mror Holds in skill. The hobgoblins are also excellent miners and their byeshk mines during the height of the Dhakaani Empire made it possible to make weapons capable of holding back the armies of Xoriat.



The origins of the hobgoblins and other goblinoid races.

Dhakaan EmpireEdit

16,000 years ago The clans of the Dhakaani tribe, united to form a great empire which stretched, at its height from the Shadow Marches in the west to modern Darguun and the Talenta Plains. Easily contending with, and possibly exceeding both Riedra and the giant kingdoms of Xen'drik in terms of sheer geographical size. It was an empire of great arts, particularly in architecture and metalworking, for which the goblinoids had a natural inclination. And no other Khorvairan race could stand before their armies.

10,000 years ago Colonial Aereni elves clash with the Dhakaani, but manage to maintain a foothold in what is now Valenar.

9,000 years ago Daelkyr invade Eberron from Xoriat, the Plane of Madness. The hobgoblins will fight the invaders for thousands of years.

5,000 years ago Scholars maintain a general consensus that this is the approximate end of the hobgoblins' empire, though it had long been in slow decline. Civil Wars ravage what is left of the Empire. The gnomes of south central Khorvaire take this opportunity to move into abandoned Dhakaani settlements, creating the foundations of modern Zilargo.

Kingdom of GalifarEdit

Hobgoblins are used as expert mercenaries under the employ of House Deneith.

Last War and Modern TimesEdit

969 YK The Lhesh Haruuc leads clans of Ghaal'dar to revolt, creating the nation of Darguun.

986 YK The Daughters of Sora Kell lead the monsters of western Breland in revolt. The goblinoids of Droaam participate in the revolution, which is successful in the following year when Breland removes its settlers from the region, pulling back to the east side of the Graywall Mountains. Droaam declares its own sovereignty.

996 YK The Treaty of Thronehold recognizes the goblinoid nation of Darguun, but not the nation of Droaam, which holds a large percentage of goblinoids.

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