The Hoarfrost Mountains are a mountain range in eastern Khorvaire, lying parallel to the Ironroot Mountains within the Mror Holds and dividing its eastern border from the Lhazaar Principalities.[1]


It is inhabited by the dwarves of the Mror Holds,[2] with Clan Doldarun occupying Doldarunhold in the north, followed by Clan Soranath in Soranathhold south of them, Clan Londurak in Londurakhold in the central foothills, then Clan Toldorath in Toldorathhold, Clan Narathun in Narathunhold, and finally Clan Tordannon in Tordannonhold at the southern end.[3]

Human mountain folk dwell in the northern parts of the range. They have generally peaceful relations with the local dwarves.[2]

Goliaths live around the peaks of the Hoarfrost and Ironroot Mountains, and occasionally have relations with the local dwarves.[4]

Geriviars wander in isolated valleys in the Hoarfrost and Ironroot Mountains and assault everyone they come across.[5]



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