Haydith ir'Wynarn is the fifteen-year old child of the former king of Karrnath, Jaron, and sister to both the current king, Kaius III, and Gaius ir'Wynarn. She currently is studying in Wroat, Breland's capital.[1]


Haydith grew up in Karrnath, but was sent to Wroat in 997 YK as part of an exchange program between Breland and Karrnath to keep the Treaty of Thronehold. Haydith was saddened to leave her family and friends, but seems to have warmed up to life in Breland. She is a regular at court, and aristocratic functions, and is often in the company of King Boranel[1].

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Meanwhile, King Kaius has ulterior motives for sending his "sister" Haydith away; he does not want Haydith and her brother Gaius to realize the truth that he is, in fact, not their brother but their grandfather.[1]


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