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Hashalaq quori, also known as "dreamstealers" are the judges and intellectuals of Dal Quor. Those hashalaq who don't use Inspired to exist on the Material Plane spend their days studying Eberron and the Orrery of the planes.[1]


In the power structures of Dal Quor, they frequently serve as advisors to higher ranking kalaraq quori. In their role as judges, they are charged with keeping the schemes of tsucora quori from disrupting the grand ambitions of Il-Lashtavar.[3][1]

Hashalaq quori also have a habit of studying mortals, especially those that they inhabit as Inspired. The hashalaq have developed a fascination for the mortal concepts of pleasure and hedonism, and use this understanding to better control their mortal chattel. This is reflected in their ability to make mortals collapse into laughter with a touch. Their fascination with hedonism is so strong that the hashalaq even partake in mortal pleasures themselves.[1]

Hashalaq quori are intellectuals and manipulators – not fighters. they prefer to work from the shadows, convincing mortals to serve them, wittingly or otherwise. Hashalaq use shapeshifting and possession abilities to disguise their true identities and integrate themselves into mortal affairs. If faced with a straight fight, a hashalaq will simply teleport away and change its disguise.[2]


Hashalaq are vaguely humanoid in shape, but the resemblance is so slight that it barely applies even to their silhouette. When viewed in detail, hashalaq quori have a centipede-like body structure, but one that is made up of countless swarming blue tendrils. The tendrils that make up their many appendages form the vague implication of hands at the end of their arms. Where the head would be, there is instead only a glowing blue light that shines from within the tendrils, and in place of humanoid legs the tendrils trail off into a whispy, tail-like structure. Though this is their default and most common form, hashalaq quori are said to be able to use their flexible tendrils to reshape their bodies into myriad other forms.[1][2]




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