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Haruuc Shaarat'kor is the ruler and high warlord of the goblinoid nation of Darguun as well as lhesh of the Rhukaan Taash (Razor Crown in Goblin) clan.[2][3][4]


Haruuc was a mercenary in the employ of House Deneith during the Last War. Leading up to his goblin revolution, he was able to ally himself with enough goblin tribes and strategically place goblin mercenaries (whose loyalty were to him, not their employers) around large territories on the southern part of the BrelandCyre border. In 969 YK, Haruuc and these forces took their homelands in eastern Breland and southern Cyre to form the nation of Darguun.[2][3][5] Haruuc claimed the title of lhesh, meaning 'high warlord'.[2] Haruuc and his claim to this new nation was cemented by the victory over Breland at the Battle of Marguul Pass in 970 YK.[5] Later negotiations ensured Breland recognized the new state, and Darguun was formally recognized as a sovereign nation at the Treaty of Thronehold.[2][6]

Since the Treaty of Thronehold, Haruuc has greatly improved the lives of his subjects, and continues to work to hold together the new nation.[4][7]


Haruuc is known for being a cunning and charismatic leader.[2] His charisma is credited as being the main force keeping the nation of Darguun together.[7]

Haruuc is a worshiper of Dol Dorn.[8]