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The Harrowcrowns is a forest in southern Thrane north of Lake Brey. The forest is known for being infested with monsters.[1]


The Harrowcrowns is located in southern Thrane. It is surrounded by farms and small villages, including Lessyk and Nathyrr.[1][2]


Initially the Harrowcrowns was once part of a broader forest that stretched from the Blackcaps to Scions Sound and also included the forests of Greenhaunt, Imistil, and the Thornwood. However during the time of the kingdom of Galifar, much of the forest was cut down for farming, leaving the Harrowcrowns and the other forests separate from each other.[1]

In 465 YK, goblins raided out of the forest, leading to the discovery that the forest contained Dhakaani ruins. An expedition was sent from Flamekeep to investigate but never returned, and the exact location of the ruins has since been lost.[1]

In 792 YK, a swarm of ettercaps and phase spiders threatened the village of Nathyrr. The village was saved by Jacques d’Morrun, a knight and follower of the Church of the Silver Flame, who donned an evil garment known as the Pelt of Thirteen Claws to help defend his village, but became cursed with lycanthropy in the process.[3]


The Harrowcrowns are known to be a dangerous forest infested by monstrous creatures, including ettercaps, crazed dryads, gnolls, treants, giant spiders, and other foul creatures. These creatures occasionally leave the forest to menace nearby villages and farms. There has been some speculation that these creatures are the result of the forest having a connection to one of the planes, but others simply think these creatures are native to the forest.[1]