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The halflings of Eberron vary from nomadic dinosaur-riding barbarians to wily urban merchants and professionals. With the broad expanse of the Talenta Plains, the shelter of urban havens spread across Khorvaire, and the potency of House Jorasco and House Ghallanda, the halflings are as widespread as any other race across Khorvaire.[citation needed]

Talenta Halflings[]

The halflings of the Talenta Plains maintain the traditions of their ancestors, including tribal masks and dinosaur mounts. Though physically the same as urban halflings, the Talentas strike a much more imposing figure. Rarely in one place for long, the nomadic tribes traverse the Talenta Plains moving with the herds they hunt for food. With only one permanent settlement in the whole of the Talenta Plains—Gatherhold—these nomadic bands live in temporary camps of tents that are easily set up and broken down. The Talenta halflings carry few possessions, both as a function of their nomadic lifestyle and as a function of their beliefs. Their tents are brightly painted, usually with depictions that tell the story of their tribe's ancestors. Most important among the halfling's possessions are their hunt-masks and their dinosaur mounts.[citation needed]

The hunt-mask represents the identity of the halfling, and when donning the mask the halfling believes his spirit combines with his bonded dinosaur. The dinosaur is wrangled as a rite of passage by the young halfling and forever remains linked to that halfling, forming a special bond between them.[citation needed]

Khorvaire Halflings[]

Some halflings traded the nomadic lifestyle of the Talenta halfling for a more urban approach, living in major cities across Khorvaire. While many of these halflings are associated with one of the two dragonmarked houses, some are simply independent halflings wanting something different for their lives. Some urban halflings have never seen their native homeland, while others (mostly those associated with the dragonmarked houses) switch between city clothes and nomadic traditions depending on where they find themselves. There is a fine line between the halflings embracing their homeland and heritage and remaining truly neutral as all dragonmarked houses are charged to be.[citation needed]


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