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Half-elfs are one of the common races. They descend from elves and humans but have since become a race distinct from both their elven and human ancestors. Half-elves refer to themselves as Khoravar and are found throughout the continent; they are not concentrated within a specific geographic region.


House Lyrandar[]

The half-elf heirs of House Lyrandar bear the Mark of Storm. Lyran and Selavash were the first of the half-elves to develop the dragonmark 2000 years ago, during the time of Karrn the Conqueror. The two told other half-elves to embrace their culture, calling them Khoravar, or "Children of Khorvaire", referring to their origin on the continent.

House Lyrandar is a powerful house and their development of elemental airship technology with the aid of the Zilargo gnomes and House Cannith has only enhanced their prestige.

House Medani[]

The half-elves of House Medani bear the Mark of Detection, giving them various powers of divination. The dragonmark was discovered by House Cannith during the War of the Mark, 1500 years ago. The Medani half-elves had been secretly using them for some time, but were convinced to join the other Houses.

A half-elf spellcaster.


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